Bugs in a Box
Active Dates: 11/1/16-12/31/19

Missing adult vaccinations cost the US healthcare $26.5 BILLION in 2013

Hand-washing can decrease GI infections by 31% and URIs by 21%.

Did you know that both the CDC and the US Preventative Services Task Force
recommend routine HIV screening?  A 2014 survey of primary care found
51% had NO IDEA they were supposed to screen everyone for HIV.

Do you ask about travel? Document it? Know the answers to queries?

Oral health has been shown to have a link with CKD, DM, Osteo, Alzheimer's,
pregnancy, CVD and more. Do you document a dentist on your chart?

Not to worry!  We have experts who have your back...

Bugs in a Box is an AAPA-certified PI-CME that you can do in a few easy steps:
 (1) Review 10 random charts answering the simple questions
 (2) Figure out where you are weak and change that behavior using tools we give you
 (3) Review 10 random charts 60 days later to see if you made a difference...
      If you did, GREAT...If you didn't, at least you tried.
 (4) You get 20 (now 40!) units of PI-CME no matter the outcome!
      All for the low, low cost of $25 (we are a non-profit)


Bugs in a Box artwork was designed by Anneliese Juergensen. To see more of her art visit AnnelieseJuergensen.com