Nephrology Physician Assistants are found in all aspects of Nephrology practices: from dialysis rounds to hospital coverage to office patients. They are responsible for research studies, education of staff, new practitioners and patients through the Medicare Authorized 'Kidney Disease Education' classes. They manage inter-disciplinary teams at the dialysis units. AANPA, consisting of fellow and student members, is the AAPA authorized specialty constituent group with ties to all major national Nephrology groups.

AANPA won the AAPA 2008 award for the best constituent chapter!
This is the first time in the history of AAPA that a specialty has won the award. Shown are AANPA Treasurer Molly Lenahan and then Vice President Karen Burchell, accepting the plaque from Linda Contreras, AAPA constituent Chair.

Kidneys in a Box

Developed to satisfy the NCCPA PI-CME requirement, 'Kidneys in a Box' is for the family practice, internal medicine, urgent care PA who sees some diabetic patients.


Fun With Kidneys

Developed for the PA who is NOT in nephrology, does not think they need nephrology, and is the reason we, nephrology, stay in business.  Even if you do not think you are seeing kidney patients, you are! Just the normal aging of the kidney means that any patient over the age of 30, has some kidney dysfunction.



Nephrology is the study of the kidneys, their anatomy, physiology and pathology. The renal system includes the kidneys and bladder and the ureters connecting them.
Nephrology PAs provide important services for employers and patients. Read the AAPA's brief on SPECIALTY PRACTICE: Physician Assistants in Nephrology